About Us

“Mila Noire Studio Is a small local business located in Oslo, Norway. Which is offering handmade unique statement pieces such as Fine Art and Decor.”

Our History


It all started as a hobby, but rapidly started to grow into a business



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Est. 2021

Our Story

Mila Noire Studio started as a hobby due to the pandemic, but rapidly started to grow into a business due to high demand in her unique trending products. Which has given her a chance to have a studio in the heart of the capital Oslo to keep growing & inspire people with her art and creative projects. She has high focuse on small details & quality materials in every product and project.

Mila Noire´s passion to try new hobbies. Is constantly giving her new knowledge about the trending and hottest craft projects. So she can constantly develop & be able to share knowledge in a variety of hobbies.

All products at Mila Noire Studio is lovingly made individually in small batches or as a one single unique product with time & effort from the design stage to packing orders.

Our Future

Growing Fast

Mila Noire Studio has been growing fast the last year.



Regional offices around the world

Core Values

Lovingly made with passion

Quality in details



Key People

Mila Noire Studio, is currently just including the artist herself

Mila Noire

Creator, Maker & Developer